You've Been Drinking Wrong milk,

Let us correct it!

Hand Picked Pure & healthy indian Gir Cows

Traditional Ahinsak milking Process Calf is Fed Fully

No Use of Growth Hormone Antibiotics or GMOs

No Adulteration, No Chemicala, Pure Row Milk

Climate Smart Framing Practices & Organically Grown Clemical Free Fodder

Delivered in Food Grade
Glass Bottles in
Few Hours of Milking

Preserving The Soon-to-be Extinct
india Cow Breeds
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Ideator Behind Gramfresh

Every great Dream Begins With Dreamer

Late Dr.Jayantilal Bhatt

Kailash Gir Gushala

Kailashben Bhatt

Trustee, Kailash Gir Gushala

Prakash Bhatt

Director, GramFresh
Trustee, Kailash Gir Gushala

Nisha Bhatt

Director, GramFresh
Trustee, Kailash Gir Gushala

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