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GramFresh an Idea

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Nandi (sacred bull) as the gate-guardian deity of Kailash (sacred place), the abode of Lord Shiva. Similarly he plays an important role in our farm. Science says, a strong, high milk yield, diseases resistant and healthy calf is born when the father (bull) & mother belongs to similar features’ bloodline and insemination happens naturally with complete satisfaction of the mother cow. We aim to preserve the soon to be extinct Indian Gir breed and named after this concept Kailash Gir Gaushala.

Gramfresh is the brainchild of Kailash Gir Gaushala. It made a special place in the industry for sourcing organic farm-fresh seasonal products with the highest nutritional value from a non-polluted rural area to urban citizens.

Late Dr.Jayantilal Bhatt spent his entire life uplifting poor rural people. His strong belief in concept of such a farm which can provide opportunity, inspiration, and motivation to the rural community especially farmers where they can directly sell their product to consumer and is an inspiration for us.

It’s Inner calling for us.

We are digital farmers of your nation with a modernized presence and appearance which may force you to think who are we. In spite of being farmers, we follow a different thought process of the 21st century with advanced educational degrees in our hands. We received handsome offers to enter the technologically advanced world with lucrative salaries but left it unanswered with the urge to do something extraordinary with farming. We turned as your dependable and trustworthy FAMILY FARMERS- Gramfresh.

What’s our specialization?

As your trusted Family Farmers, we are bringing to you locally sourced organic, fresh, pure & healthy Indian Desi Gir Cow’s A2 Milk, Organic desi ghee, organic vegetables, and many more such products directly from our farms to your doorstep.

About our delivery networks:

We cannot deny the fact that technology has both pros and cons. It is disappointing to see the absolute misuse of technology and research to degrade the health of mankind. We as experts of the farming industry and your family farmers ensure to reduce the risk of adulteration, “Advanced Adulteration”. We take care of the nutritional value of organic products.

We understood the damage the chemical enriched vegetables and milk products are causing to mankind. This realization about the damage of chemical-rich products encouraged us to take this step forward to launch Gramfresh.

We are proud to say that we are not just a venture which targets to bring forth the Indian tradition of eating healthy food in the form of organic products. We are also strongly committed to undoing the serious damage which chemical farming already done to our nation’s lands.

What makes us different from our competitors?

We are not a profit-oriented company but a customer-oriented one. We conceptualize our products to offer the best organic and farm-fresh products to our customers. We are using years of traditional farming experience to deliver you pure and natural farming products. We kept the price of our products very reasonable to bring it to the reach of people from different spectra of society. We believe in establishing a long-lasting and valuable relationship with our customers and promise to offer nothing less than the best to them with no compromise on quality. We bring farm-fresh products to the doorstep of our customers to enjoy healthy and organic food.

To know us and our products better we recommend you to get in touch with us. We will be happy to interact with you and narrate to you our journey in the industry and our product details. Making you our happy customers is our only mission and we promise to make that happen. We are devoted to offering comprehensive organic products to people of all ages.

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Every great dream begins with a dreamer

Late Dr.Jayantilal Bhatt

Kailash Gir Gushala

Kailashben Bhatt

Trustee, Kailash Gir Gushala

Prakash Bhatt

Director, GramFresh
Trustee, Kailash Gir Gushala

Nisha Bhatt

Director, GramFresh
Trustee, Kailash Gir Gushala


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