Do you know the difference between A1 Milk & A2 Milk?

October 08, 2019

Not all milk is created equal.

CowMilk is one of the important elements in the diet which maximum people from every section of the society, drink. It is known to be the best source of protein and calcium. Aside from this, several other elements are present in milk for example fat, lactose, vitamins, and minerals. Many are not aware that milk consist of two types of proteins one is whey protein and the other one is casein protein.

Again, there are 2 types of casein protein: one is alpha-casein and other beta-casein. casein forms, 80% of the accumulated protein in milk. Beta casein is available in two forms: A1 and A2. We Hope you hard about A1 and A2 milk. What category of milks are they? Are the cow’s different which sources A1 and A2 milk? How are they different from each other? What are the pros and cons of these kinds of milk?

Understanding the difference between A1 and A2:

The protein present in milk gets converted into peptides and afterward, it turns into amino acids. Amino acids are excellent for our health and the ones that are present in A2 milk have some extra potential as it releases proline. A1 milk also contains an amino acid called histidine. The proline present in A2 milk will restrict BCM 7 to enter our body. BCM 7 is an opioid peptide a small amount of protein which fails to get digested by the body and leads to diabetes or other diseases.

A1 milk is not having the capability to restrict BCM 7 and so it enters the body and gets dissolved in the blood and turns it difficult for the body to digest. In short A2 milk is easy to digest and risk-free for the human body and A1 is not capable.

To increase the production of DesiCowMilk Cross-breeding method was adapted. For this import of foreign hybrid species, as well as European species was done which lead to a shortage of domestic cows. Growth hormone injections and antibiotics are given to these hybrid cows which source A1 milk in abundance and consist of no humps which can store Vitamin D. On the other hand, A2 milk which has Omega 3 excellent for cleaning cholesterol deposits and also contains cerebrosides which support in increasing the brainpower.

A2 milk also contains strontium which enhances body immunity and is easily digestible. It treats irritable bowel syndrome. Calves are deprived of their mothers and confined in small places to boost the quantity of the milk to match the demand for A1 milk. The A1 milk providing cows and maintained in a stressful and unnatural condition which affects the quality of milk produced by the cows. But for A2 milk providing cows the calves, bulls, and cows and kept together as a family and the calves are first fed by their mothers than the remaining milk of about 3 to 9 liters is collected for further distribution.

Based on research it was found that consumption of A1 milk increases the chance of having Autism, Schizophrenia, sudden infant death syndrome, Type 1 diabetes, and cardiac disease.

We hope that you already got a clear idea about the difference between A1 and A 2 milk and how both are different from each other. Several types of research clarified the fact that A2 milk is always a better choice as it offers several benefits to human life apart from getting digested so easily. But still, A2 milk lacks in popularity when compared to A1 milk because it is not available in abundance like A1 milk. You can try GirCowMilk from Gramfreshindia is sourced from IndianDesiCow. You can request for FreeHomeDelivery for supply of this healthy and quality milk.



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