Kamdhenu – Importance of preservation of our Indian Desi Cows.

July 22, 2019

INDIAN COW: The Life Nourisher

In Indian culture, we respect cow as mother and is symbol of our culture. As per mythological stories Lord Krishna mentioned cow as ‘Kamdhenu’ having the caliber to fulfill all human desires. It is believed that all Gods reside in the body of the Cow. Hindu scriptures mention that the deity of wealth Goddess Lakshmi first showed up as the cow and the religious Bilva tree originated from the dung of the cow. Kamdhenu’ also known as Surabhi is considered as the mother for all cows and also of 11 rudras.

Kamdhenu is the name of the Indian Cows. The preservation and protection of Indian Cows are taken very seriously. A strong nation is built on the food it eats. The only way possible for us is that we have poison-free food which is the organic way of life. Desi Cows offer several benefits towards health, agriculture, as well as the environment and economic sector which is strongly advocated by government establishments. The government is taking the initiative to increase the breed of the Indigenous Cows not only in quality but also in number.

Indian Farmers and consumers realized the fact that organic farming can help in the production of good quality food without causing any adverse effect on human health besides bringing improvement in the environment as well as in soil fertility. This realization increased the demand for organic food among consumers.

We all know that agriculture remained the backbone of several developing countries for ages. Before the introduction of chemical fertilizers and tractors, it was the cows that helped in various aspects of cultivation and agriculture. Starting from land tilling, to making the distribution of manure, both cow and its waste were used for the improvement of crop production.  Without cows, agriculture wouldn’t have been possible.


-(Atharvana Veda 10-10-34)

The Gods and men live on cow products. Till the Sun shines, the universe will have Cows. The whole universe depends on the support of cow.

Being the believers of organic farming, we need to promote cow-based farming in every possible way. Promoting such things, we will ensure that, this Cow based farming helps in ecological balance in a beautiful manner.

There are certain benefits of the preservation of our Indian Desi Cows:

  • Desi Cow Milk: Desi Cow milk is important for every aspect of our life and people of all ages and milk is one of the important and wholesome foods for people. It supports acidity reduction, increases immunity and also improves brainpower. It forms the base for several ayurvedic medicines. Desi Cow milk is known as A2 milkwhich supports fighting against diabetes in adults and adults. Other products like curd, butter, buttermilk, & Ghee are extracted from the cow milk. Desi Cow Milk contains high medicinal & nutritional values.
  • Cow Urine: Cow urine is like a boon for mankind and farmers in special. Cow urine application is done for the production of organic & natural fertilizers besides insect repellents and other important products required for farming. Aside from this, it contains high medicinal value and Ayurveda considers it like a super medicine.
  • Cow Dung: Gobar or cow dung is known for its micro-organismic value. It enhances fertility as well as soil productivity. Cow Dung Compost is considered as a natural fertilizer and is also used in making ayurvedic medicines.
  • Panchagavya: As the name suggests it’s a combination of 5 products sourced from cow, which are Milk, go ghrut, Dahi, gomutra and gomay and forms panchagavya ayurvedic medicine. The mix and match of all 5 products are done in different variations for making medicines for the treatment of different types of problems. It can treat many chronic ailments.

We need to agree to the fact that a strong nation is born when the citizens of the nation are strong. For that, we need organic farming to provide healthy and national food. Cows play a significant role in providing a healthy nation and so this life nourisher needs to be preserved with care. Several organizations are taking initiative to educate people about the importance of gaumata in our lives.



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