Why ghee from a fresh desi cow milk made by traditional process is the intelligent choice – scientific way ?

August 08, 2019

India's Best Desi Gir Cow Cultured Ghee

Whenever you step out to buy Ghee for your family, you get confused to which  to choose. Although is sourced from Milk, still the difference is unclear to many. The major difference that Cultured A2 Ghee is sourced from DesiCowMilk. So When you hear the word Desi Ghee, then that indicates that it is cultured ghee.

For ghee, the Cream Churned into Butter and then Butter is Simmered and then Filtered to prepare Ghee. On the other hand, in the case of

Pure Desi Gir Cow Cultured Ghee made from A2 milk from our own Gir cows which are free grazed on the organic farm, the cows bask in the sunshine while free grazing and exercise for 5 hrs, after the calf has had her/his due the milk is removed by hand then boiled over fire wood then inoculated with curds to make whole curds, the curds is then churned to get butter which is melted on fire wood in years old brass container to give you pure desi cow ghee , this is the only ghee which melts below human body temperature, contains no harmful cholesterol and is one of the best known medicines as per Ayurveda science and know to cure many chronic diseases and improve immune and strength.

Ayurvedic GramFresh Indian Desi Gir Cow’s Cultured ghee is made from fermented butter churned out of yogurt or curd/Cultured Ghee

Scientific fact  –  This is the only Ghee that melts Below Human Body Temperature, it melts at 36 degrees and human body temp is 36.1 degrees whereas all other ghees melt at 40 degrees.

Cultured ghee is considered good for people who are highly sensitive towards dairy products. Required lab testing is done to approve cultured ghee for consumption. If in case you are not sensitive towards dairy products then both types of ghee sourced from Gir Cow Milk will be suitable and good for you.

Indian Desi Cow’s A2Milk is made for the production of cultured ghee. But the fermentation process is used for producing authentic and highly nutritious Cultured Ghee. As we all know that Milk contains lactose, which is a natural sugar that adds a delicate sweet flavor to the milk. To ensure that the body is capable of breakdown the lactose in milk into the basic components of simple sugars known as glucose and galactose, the presence of an enzyme named lactase needs to be there.

Several individuals lack the presence of a valuable enzyme in the digestive system, which leads to common digestive problems medically termed as lactose intolerance. to metabolize the lactose, lactase needs to be present. At the time of the fermentation process both milk or cream, lactose needs to get converted into lactic acid. This process will turn the Cultured Ghee a more digestible choice for people who have dietary problems.

On the other hand, in the normal process of producing ghee, removal of lactose is done from the milk at the time of separating the solids from the fat. It’s true that normal non-cultured ghee, in general, does not cause any problem in regards to lactose intolerance. But cultured ghee is a much better choice than regular ghee for those people having lactose issues, because lactose is converted to lactic acid at the time of conducting the fermentation process.

To much-cultured ghee tastes better than general ghee because of its buttery taste which develops because of fermentation. As per Ayurveda Cultured Ghee is very beneficial for strengthening the Agni in our body, a powerful digestive fire. More benefits we will discuss in  other article soon.

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